Zhuhai Gold Magnetic Technology co.,Ltd. is a rare earth permanent magnetic materials, R & D, production, sales as one of the new high-tech enterprises, the production base is located in Zhejiang province Dongyang city Hengdian Industrial Park, after years of market development and steady development, has formed a high performance NdFeB magnetic powder and bonded magnet, sintered NdFeB magnet production and sales, rare earth and rare metals such as trade market system.

The current production base has more than 300 employees, equipped with vacuum melting equipment, fast quenching equipment, quick-setting strip furnace, hydrogen decrepitation furnace, high-performance jet mill, sintering furnace, machine, automatic cutting machine and other advanced production equipment, the annual production of high performance magnetic powder of up to 500 tons, magnet 2000tons;

products have been widely application in the computer industry, automobile industry, communication and information industry, medical industry, audio-visual industry, electrical equipment, household appliances industry.

  • The brushless DC motor
  • Effects of step motor
  • The permanent magnet motor
  • The mobile phone vibration motor
  • The CD / DVD drive
  • The mobile phone speaker
  • The craft gift / luggage
  • The fax machine / printer / scanner
  • The compass
  • The generator and motor
  • The radio loudspeaker
  • The sensor
  • The energy saving and environmental protection appliances
  • Industrial energy-saving motor
  • The telephone audio speakers
  • The maglev train
  • Hybrid power automobile industry
  • The magnetic control switch
  • The circuit control
  • The microphone ( microphone)
  • The magnetometer
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